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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  September 22, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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jose. be a connection here cars rumbling over the pot roles causing hundreds of dollars of damage a year per car. san jose needs a quarter billion dollars to fix damage like this like they did here on the road on willow glen which look like this earlier this year all broken up. here's how looks now with an ice at-fault freshly laid roads unfortunately san jose doesn't have enough money to do this elsewhere cleared the city faces more than 400 mi. of bad roads and backlog that took years to build up. until they can do more to fix potholes and repay these roads and as they will likely stay at the top of the bad road list. in san jose kron 4 news. if >> in areas with populations between 255 under thousand people several california cities made the top 20 list you could see on our screen in the top five antioch comes in at no. 1 with 65 percent of the roads in poor condition there. if followed by santa rosa, hammett,
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stockton and to make the lot muriatic rid >> the road conditions in antioch provided into on the south side of highway 4 drivers enjoy wide and smooth roads but it's a different story in the older part of town to the north of the highway. the hillcrest avenue take a look you can see the road is cracked and pitted with polls. it listened as his car hit a pothole and hillcrest. but hillcrest isn't the only street with problems check this out downtown on the street there are cracks everywhere end of the best grass is action growing out of the paved road and on the looks of it the grass has been growing there for quite some time. there's a big group on g street in the downtown area but it's nothing compared to what the few blocks over. look at this i came across as 6 ft. long pothole and l street will car headed straight on the take notice of the of the drivers they choose to stay in the other lane to avoid the whole. the problem with the roads in
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antioch aren't always ones you can see several of the roadways makes the car kind of bounced down the street. it the city is in ignoring the problem i did see a crew hard to work making repairs to this road. in antioch jeff bush kron 4 news. >> >> the deadly san bruno gas line explosions today the coroner's office confirmed the deaths of the three members of the bullet the family who had been missing. a 17 year-old william and his father greg reeve see them in the photograph along with gregory's mother. they were identified through dna testing of remains found at the family's home. this now pushes the death toll from the explosion to seven people. the national transportation safety board is still investigating the cause of the explosion that leveled 37 homes. it has segments of the exploited plate and is conducting tests to determine if corrosion, material failure or other problems contributed to the explosion. ntsb said they
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will issue its official report in coming weeks and meantime clean up is getting underway in the neighborhood. but the crews are doing and to help. a gas leak made for a chaotic first day back to school forokw3ç sts atç csu east bay. was reported 8:00 this morning look fire official says construction crews working on the campus apparently hit a 2 in. gas line. pg&e crews cap the leak a couple hours later no one was evacuated in classes' were not affected however, the schools that students who missed classes' today will not be dropped from those classes'. the search for the suspect into recent sexual assaults in oakland lake merritt district continue today. investigators have released a sketch of the suspect after interviewing i witnesses. he is described as a black male about c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8mhppxj o
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6 ft. tall with a medium build o he was last seen wearing dark clothes and is believed to be armed with a weapon. today c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8mhppxjoe in several businesses in thejoe late mayor area and alerts merchants and residents to be a look out for person matching his description. police said the suspect robbed and sexually assaulted two different women within hours near east 18th street and a short and on the 1400 block of third avenue all happening last thursday night appeared crime stoppers is offering of $5,000 for information leading to his arrest. please in walnut creek looking for a man who is suspected of wearing the 13 year-old boy into his car. the boy was at theç encino grand shopping center when he was approached by a man driving a dark blue as tv. you see the location on our mount, according to police the driver claim to the boy's mother and said he been asked to pick up the child. it the 13 year-oldç runaway and contacted a security guard who live nearby. the driver is
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described as a bald white male in his late '30's or 40's with green eyes and a goatee. >> a liveç look inside this afternoon for a new sunshine is over downtown san francisco were seeing sunshine throughout the bay area. temperatures from the cooler side but it's not uncomfortable today. temperatures in the '60s and '70s. the '70s and stand tall and loss gatos also in livermore. the 75 antioch in fairfield and 76 in san rows up. were seeing breeze conditions in some spots from the bayç area.a 20 mi. an hour winds and 7 cisco 20 novato lots of teams to the north bay and the delta. these wins will continue through the evening but it will start to die down as we head into tomorrow. big changes in store.ç we're going to stayç cool and clear this evening we have sunny skies the minimal cloud cover will make it in until tomorrow çmorning carried by 3:00 tomorw afternoon sunny and warmer conditions and it's just the
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start of ourç big warmup into e weekend will be both live to 10 degrees warmer and in we to see our weekend forecast.ç >> just into the kron 4 news room a man posing as a police c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8mhpprjt n san leandro yesterday this was n after handcuffing her accusing her of being under the influence of drugs.ç here's what happened police said the woman was çwalking on these 14th at about 430 yesterdayçó afternoon when a chevyç tahoe with tinted windos drove off with blue and red flashing lights. a man dressed in a police uniform got out of the car told the woman to freeze and eventually handcuffed her and performed a fake field sobriety test. yes the woman friday and when she said she didn't have one calf he took a wallet looks red and stole $200. theok man then took off the victim was unhurt. c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8mhpprlúd to the lower deck of the baylúd bridge just creeping along the screen southbound
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101 headed towards the peninsula, movingç just a bit betterw3 but not by much. we'lle uáuh)ight ahead.
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oncan cause coma andider'st ateven the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator
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thomas connell called baleen is a veteran officer analysis çpossible to charges that incle false imprisonment >> the unidentified recycle t(officer went to the 15 year-d boy friend's house lastçç monh and pretended to rest the team for having sex with his 14 year- old stepdaughter he put the boy c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8mhppxj s daughter is not someone you mess around with your stupid. çthe boy's parents caught theç scene on the cellphone video entered overok to the d.a.'s office. >>ç this investigation is being monitored by the district attorney's office by the independent police auditor. >>ç terry said the parents and
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neighbors of the cop asked him for help sang their son was out of control and are now engaging in what she says a link game carried to the officer was only trying to scare the team to set aside the former prosecutor and legalç analyst said the officer may be guilty of false imprisonment >> when a police officer rais someone falsely or as a joke or to scare someone, that's a false imprisonment. when the çofficer put the handcuffs on that young man, back across the line from being an upside care and it to committing a crime the day >> as office is considering to file charges in the case the officer is on paid administrative leave. in san jose kron 4 >> news> are extended forecast big changes coming over the weekend temperatures soaring into the 90s and our inland locations all levels of both forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now.
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in fact the direction in and it will of a multimillion-dollar renovation of the building. the president of the oakland mayor commerce. >> for moving 700 people over the next year to another city is obviously disappointing. it's could be phased in capital in the next year we could have new employees from other companies and other organizations come to oakland to offset that. it's really hard to say what the impact will be. i understand $25 million into the building it will certainly be attractive to tenants. >> says the courts building in the heart of downtown oakland.
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officials say there are no plants to move the corporate offices from the downtown location. the company's been in oakland since 1913. in the meantime of course as kron 4 and dan carmen shows us the move is good news for the city of pleasanton. >> to tear this old washington mutual complex in pleasanton backcourts plans to house its new research and development operations and in the process relocate more than 500 employees from oakland. >> provides hope for folks in the work trading opportunities for employment possibly in the future and the synergy of having all these businesses come to pleasanton is not only got four town but for the try valley. >> clorox is not the first to look pleasanton's office space especially since the brand is a relatively low. >> seeing medium-size companies in the neighborhood of 200 employees to about 500 employees companies relocating from other parts of the bay area.
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>> for example this credit union is moving from san francisco to this pleasanton location and tech company is moving from concord to this pleasanton business center. >> have great infrastructure here meaning were adjacent to highways, 6580 primarily carried we have one bart station nearby and another one coming on line in early 2011. we have class a office space. >> isn't an official say restaurants like these that will benefit the most. pleasanton officials are hopeful core of his decision to relocate part of the business here is just another in a series of relocations that willç continue to takeç place in the city of pleasanton. the anchorman kron 4 news. >> in order to raise money board is looking into ways toxd genere more advertising revenue the bart board will discuss several ideas at its meeting tomorrow. marin kelley tells us how one
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idea that includes selling the name rights to bird station. >> spokesperson tells it's unlikely the civic center station will ever become the burger king station for example because it want to keep stations names away from helping them use the system know were there when they're getting around. they're looking at the idea of selling secondary naming rights such as specific center4ñ sent abroad to buy starbucks. the idea got mixed reaction for bart riders. here's what some of the say. c,gno carrierring no carrier
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ringconnect 2400?t 
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ç100 degrees inland by monday, 90s on the bay shore in 76 along the coastline. it's going to feel like summer this weekend. national >> news people who've been made sick by salmonella tainted eggs
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were testifying in washington today. a house panel is looking into the recent outbreak that sickened more than 1500 people and lead to the recall of 550 million eggs. a northern california woman told lawmakers her story saying she got sick and that her problems could have affected her family even more severely. >> world they're celebrating amazing achievement that even suspecting that that night would change allows for very long time. a sister and i look back at the night and say what a far grandma or one of my daughters would of beat that chart that we would have received the probably would've died. >> hearing was interrupted by hecklers someone upset about the large eight firms involved with the problem one farmer says he was horrified to hear that his six men to make people sick and another owner refused to testify today citing his fifth amendment right. the pastor of a huge baptist church in a land as facing a sexual abuse charges this is a bishop and the long of
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the missionary church known for fiery sermons now in two separate lawsuits to young men were former church members say the bishop be used his authority to course him into sexual relationships. the men said there were teenagers when it happened. one is denying the charges. this is a photo of wisconsin district attorney can't accused of sending greasy text messages to a domestic abuse victim. he is the knowledge sank 30 text messages in three days while he was prosecuting her ex-boyfriend. today to the initial steps to remove him from office. he said a public hearing will be scheduled soon a second woman said she got very similar messages when working with the d.a.'s office. >> the wednesday check of traffic this is our walnut creek camera the 680-24 k run as you can see it's very slow in both directions there. now look in
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posted the health inspections corp. restaurants in san francisco mission district. our web producer kimberly it brings us a look at that interactive map. >> the next time you hit had 23 in san francisco you're going to want to take a look at this year. it's not permission local block. take a look you looking at the mount you see the key on the right-hand side tells you from the score from 0 to 100 whether these restaurants received an a, b, c, d or failed. the red dots of those are the ones that scored 69 or last in six of those from the list that includes really popular restaurant. the green dots there's a big jump what that number to enter and 24 scored a near-perfect 9298 while the yellow dog show how many
5:27 pm
scored that perfect 100. the mission local they post information on how you can check health inspections through the city and to check out this course in the mission and other parts of san francisco visit our whats on the web section of >> after a battle of noise and lines forced the restaurant to close its old location the open net and spotted sharing space with lime on market street in san francisco. the one big difference ikes is only taking phone orders. >> we switch over to follow orders as the working for nominally it still in our way but you can't wait at home instead of coming in and waiting. >> didn't understand why people would wait that long anyways. you can: so will see other react. >> shop will be open from 10 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. six days a
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